Girl, Why do you even workout? 
Okay, let me be honest. ? BECAUSE I want to!!! Let me keep it real. It’s true. I’ve never been over a buck forty (140lbs) well until these last few years. I started working out when I moved back home to Saint Louis from Atlanta where i attended college. I was bored. I started running Forest Park with my family a couple days a week. That was like 6-7 miles a day. I know crazy! Then I found myself going everyday and most times by myself. I didn’t want to be that “use to be skinny girl” that came back to homecoming and was overweight. ??‍♀️ I know, I know.. I just refused to be that. Running 6-7 miles a day was not a good idea because I was losing weight. That was NOT the goal.

Let me be honest about the way I felt daily. I don’t think I was healthy. I use to wake up every day not feeling good. My older cousin was on her fitness journey and invited me to a boot camp group class with her. I was hooked!!! I started lifting weights and eating healthier options. I was eating everything and anything before that. I started observing the physical changes of people who attended the gym. I started asking questions and they told me that they were training to be in a bodybuilding show! I had noooo idea what that was so I planned to attend. Their transformations were amazing!

I went to the show about a month later and was blown away! I had seen nothing like it! I saw the bikini competitors! I just knew I could look like them and be real extra on stage because that’s my background, Performing Arts! The rest is history! Y’all after that show, I started training for my very first competition! I trained for 7 weeks and placed in my first show. It was on and poppin then! I fell in love with Fitness!